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Whether you choose to enjoy a scoop on its own, create a decadent sundae with a variety of toppings, or savor it alongside one of our delectable desserts, our homemade ice cream is the perfect finale to your dining experience at Vala.


Enjoy It Before Melting

The charming ambiance of our restaurant provides the ideal setting to relax and savor your ice cream treat. Whether you’re seated indoors, enjoying the elegant interior, or basking in the warm Mediterranean breeze on our outdoor terrace, each bite of our homemade ice cream is a moment of pure bliss.


Creamy, flavorful delight

Vala invites you to experience the joy of homemade ice cream, crafted with passion and devotion. Indulge in a sweet sensation that will leave you with a smile on your face and a lasting memory of your visit to our restaurant in Starigrad.